Buy Abstract Art in Manchester

Buy Abstract Art in ManchesterIf you want to buy abstract art in Manchester, take a look at Wendy Satchwell’s incredible collection. Her unique flair for colour and depth sets her work apart from other abstract artworks. Abstract art can often be quite an acquired taste, as viewers tend to want something more definite in form and subject that is easily recognisable. Wendy navigates around this by giving her paintings a sense of personality and depth of emotion that viewers can relate to, something not often found in the abstract art scene. The expert application of colour and depth draw the viewer in, allowing them to engage with the paintings in a personal and unique way.

If you need something to brighten up a room or create a talking point in your home in Manchester, buy abstract art from Wendy Satchwell. One of her paintings will be sure to add style and sophistication to any interior, whether it is in the bedroom, the living room or even in the office or business premises. You will find that her invigorating colour palettes will blend seamlessly into your existing décor, while still maintaining their own eye-catching appeal. You can view a selection of her paintings in prestigious galleries across the county, or browse her online site for more in her collection. If you wish, you can also speak to her about a private commission. Every painting made by Wendy is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that offers something special and unique.

To buy abstract art in Manchester, contact Wendy Satchwell today. She is known as the colour alchemist, and it takes one viewing of her work to understand why. By layering oil paint with water-based paint and including mixed media, her paintings create highly textured surfaces that can almost seem to reach out to the viewer. The effect is further enhanced with a finishing layer of clear resin, creating a glass-like polish. The bold colours are amplified through this layer and create a brilliant final image. Wendy’s art style and process is refined and instantly recognisable, with a depth of colour and composition that reflects the artist’s experiences and emotions, and speaks directly to our own.