The Best Abstract Art in Manchester

The Best Abstract Art in ManchesterDo you want the best abstract art in Manchester to be displayed on your walls? Abstract art is usually the best choice for commercial spaces in particular, as it can be both a focal point and a background decoration in one. The shapes, textures and colours are enticing to a wider range of audiences and tastes. However, the right abstract painting still needs to be chosen with care, consideration and taste. Whether you want a stunning canvas to pull your living room together or perhaps a collections of artworks to decorate a shop or hotel, Wendy Satchwell’s unique masterpieces will look incredible on any wall. Her paintings are distinctive and an eye-catching talking point but will blend seamlessly with the interior decorating without overshadowing it.

Whatever wall you want it hung on in Manchester, the best abstract art comes with a Wendy Satchwell signature. Unlike a lot of abstract art, Wendy’s work delivers a sense of personality and emotion that makes them relatable and engaging. She is known as the colour alchemist, and her expert application of colour and depth make it easy to understand why. Never before has a blend of colours and textures communicated so strongly with viewers. By combining oil paint with water-based paints and mixed media, and finishing with a layer of glassy smooth clear resin, Wendy’s paintings form textures and patterns that are completely unique to her process. The deep crevasses and peaks of each painting’s highly textured surface seem to both reach out to the viewer and draw them into their depths.

The best abstract art in Manchester will add endless appeal to any interior, and Wendy Satchwell’s paintings will do just that and more. The bold colour palettes create a striking and invigorating art piece that speaks directly to the heart and soul. If you want the best abstract for your home or commercial building, contact Wendy Satchwell today. Each painting is a one-on-a-kind, completely unique rendering of her own experiences and emotions. You can arrange for a private commission if you are looking for something quite specific, or browse through her existing collections on her website or in one of the many art galleries across the country that display her work.