Abstract Painter in Leeds

Abstract Painter in LeedsIf your bare wall is searching for an abstract painter in Leeds, consider the work of Wendy Satchwell. In a time when art lovers are decrying the sameness of abstract art my work stands apart. I search for depth of emotional expression in colour, texture and geometry. Personal expression is what abstract paintings are about. Just as the poet or musician express their experiences and emotions through the written word or a resounding symphony concerto, so I use paint. My emotions and experiences have no physical presence until my art reveals them. Others have felt the same emotions and lived the same experiences and it brings them joy to recognise their own in my abstract pieces.

I am inspired by my surroundings and my art results from that inspiration. Art in Leeds abstract painter category is a personal preference. I accept commissions from municipalities, corporations and other organisations, some of which you may have seen. Individuals seeking a commission is always a welcome challenge. The finished project comes from my interpretation of their emotion which is based on my experience. My great joy is to present them with an abstract expression they recognise and with which they can identify. I am honoured when others display my work as part of their daily environment. Our living spaces are always more welcoming and distinctive when we surround ourselves with art.

As an abstract painter in Leeds, I welcome the opportunity to bring an entire room or apartment to life with colour and texture in a large splash or simply brighten a small colour with framed piece. Your decor expresses yourself, therefore, you can expect your abstract art to coordinate because it too expresses your personality and feelings. Contact Wendy Satchwell for contemporary fine art that is instantly recognised by many. Through the process of you reviewing my past and current work and my getting a feel for your preferences, we will plan a piece that speaks your emotions. It is always possible that your perfect piece is already complete and waiting for you in my collection.