Buy Abstract Art in Cheshire

Buy Abstract Art in CheshireTo add impact to your home you could buy abstract art in Cheshire. Wendy Satchwell has been described as “an alchemist of colour” and her work evokes an emotional connection. Her use of colour makes her paintings stand out and she has been praised for her composition. The art that Wendy creates is considered. It has been thought out and planned, and time has been taken to choose the right colours and shapes for the composition. Each piece is evocative and seems to reach out to the person viewing it. Wendy seeks inspiration for her creations from her own life. This makes them deeply personal and authentic.

To reflect your personal taste in your home in Cheshire, buy abstract art from Wendy Satchwell. It is very satisfying to own a piece of original art, knowing that this is the only one of its kind. Whilst prints have their own charm there is something special about having an original piece. Wendy Satchwell uses a variety of components in her creations. Her pieces are highly textured, with layers of oil and water based paints, and mixed media. A signature of her work is the large and small dots she creates. Once a piece is complete, she layers it in a glass-like resin. This makes the colours stand out and highlights the texture she has created.

If you would like to buy abstract art in Cheshire, visit one the stockists where Wendy Satchwell’s work is displayed. These are located across the country, including Lancashire, Wilmslow and London. You can also buy works directly from Wendy herself. If you would like something particular and unique to you, you can commission a painting from Wendy. She has completed a number of commissions for private individuals as well as on request from Corporates. Her work is proudly displayed by those lucky enough to own her work. It can be found both in homes as well as Executive Offices. Contact Wendy Satchwell today to discuss owning some of her beautiful work. You can commission a piece according to what you would like, and you can buy one of her pieces already completed.