Buy Abstract Art in Edinburgh

Buy Abstract Art in EdinburghTo buy abstract art in Edinburgh, get in touch with one of the finest contemporary artists and a rising star on the art scene. Wendy Satchwell’s work is gaining a lot of popularity among discerning collectors. Who knows, you could pick up one of her works today and find that it has appreciated many times over in value in a few years! Apart from that, the sheer beauty and scale of her work is something that any viewer will be mesmerised by, whether they’re art lovers or not. A Wendy Satchwell work is prized not just among local art aficionados, but is being appreciated by international collectors and gallery owners worldwide. Critics have described her as a colour alchemist. Her works stun the viewer with their magnificent colour palette and depth of emotion.

Among her collections, the paintings available at Castle Galleries and Washington Greene are richly textured with the addition of genuine gold and silver leaf. In Edinburgh, buy abstract art by Wendy Satchwell as a gift for a loved one on a special occasion and it’s sure to be cherished. Many corporate houses also purchase these paintings to decorate their offices. The Woodland Collection is also unique in that it incorporates original leaves and foliage reminiscent of the magnificent scenery of the Cotswolds. Wendy Satchwell paintings are being sought after by celebrity A-listers who appreciate the depth of emotions the paintings evoke with their brilliant colour schemes.

When you buy abstract art in Edinburgh, it’s usually because something in the composition appeals to you or strikes a chord emotionally. This West Midlands artist’s work perfectly captures the varied moods of nature. Her compositions stem from the strong movement of line and space, and what she herself calls “a dream’s journey.” The more textured pieces in her repertoire are inspired by the beautiful Shropshire countryside she lives in. She has received commissions from art lovers all over the Midlands and further afield and is proud to have been shortlisted as a contender in the Big Arts Challenge held by the Arts Council. For private commissions, or to view the collections in a gallery close to you, contact the artist directly.