Commission Artist in Brighton

Commission Artist in BrightonA commission artist in Brighton can help you get totally unique artwork for your walls. Abstract art, in particular, offers a stylish and visually appealing addition to any interior, whether it is your office, sitting room or bedroom. And if it’s abstract art you’re looking for, there is no better artist to commission a painting from than Wendy Satchwell. Known as the colour alchemist, Wendy creates stunning masterpieces of colour and texture. Her paintings will stand out and catch the eye without dominating or overshadowing the rest of the room, creating a perfect balance of style and taste.

Get lost in the depths of Wendy Satchwell’s abstract paintings. In Brighton, commission artist Wendy Satchwell is available to paint your unique request. The colour and depth of her paintings will draw you in to a creative world never before seen in abstract art. Her combination of water based and oil paints creates poignant and rich colours that swim across the canvas. The paint almost seems to reach out to the viewer with its vibrancy, an effect heightened by the addition of mixed media and a finishing layer of glassy clear resin. This creates deep crevasses and peaks, turning the painting into a landscape of colours and forms. It would be difficult to find artwork that communicates such a strong sense of emotion and personality as Wendy does. She paints from the heart, using her own experiences and emotions to guide her brush. Perhaps this is why so many people find it easy to engage with and even relate to her paintings on a deeper level.

As a commission artist in Brighton, Wendy Satchwell can offer artwork that does so much more than simply decorate a drab wall. With artwork commissions you can a little piece of yourself reflected in the painting; something completely original and unique to you. Use this painting to define your most special place, be it where you work, sleep, entertain or relax. Contact Wendy Satchwell for a commission artist who knows how to capture her clients’ requests into incredible masterpieces. Let her bold, revitalising colours and shapes take you on a beautiful visual journey.