Abstract Painter in London

Abstract Painter in LondonAn abstract painter in London offers beautiful original art to grace your home or office. As a contemporary abstract artist with a fine art and textile design background, Ms. Satchwell’s work stands apart from inspiration to creation. We often think of abstract art as the result of a sudden burst of emotion spontaneously transferred to canvas. While Wendy’s art does reflect her own emotions, life events and important relationships, she puts a good bit more planning and canvas preparation into each piece than most. The result is beautiful bursts of colour and texture enhanced with a glass-like finish. Within the whole you will find her signature dots. Her work is easily recognized by those in the art world and those who admire fine art. Now you can have one of her original works from her collection or commission an exclusive.

Artist Wendy Satchwell’s work is collected by art lovers from all walks of life, including readily recognised public figures. As a fresh new talent on the art scene in London, abstract painter Wendy Satchwell already has an international following and is highly investment worthy. She knows the emotions represented by each of her paintings. However, she loves that the emotion clients see in her work is theirs alone. A client viewing one her canvases may experience strong emotions that remind them of a person or life event. They are moved. At that point the painting belongs to the viewer and would make a good personal purchase.

It’s not always deep emotion that moves us when viewing the work of abstract painter in London. Sometimes the sight of a painting causes a feeling of exhilaration and vibrancy. Bring that painting into your home and that feeling is always there to inspire you. You may contact Wendy Satchwell directly to view abstract paintings available for purchase. She also welcomes appointments to discuss specially commissioned projects to bring creativity, feeling and colour to soften commercial and government offices. For your own personal residence talk to Wendy about the colours that make you feel peaceful and from that let her create for you the perfect painting to welcome you home.