Buy Abstract Art in London

Buy Abstract Art in LondonTo buy abstract art in London, Wendy Satchwell is the artist to visit. Her incredible artwork sets her apart in the art world, with unique swirling colours and engaging textures. Her signature style of bold blends of colour is created by mixing oil paint with water-based paint, letting the canvas swirl in a perpetual movement of repelling and attracting forces. Small dots of white and black focus the viewer’s attention while deep, layered textures of paint, mixed media and resin draw you into their depths. Wendy’s paintings act as a landscape of the mind and soul, expressing through art what words and conventional imagery cannot.

If you, in London, buy abstract art from Wendy Satchwell for your home or office, you are sending a message to guests or clients that have exquisite taste and style. Abstract art can reach so many viewers with different tastes, and can be interpreted differently by everyone. The shapes, forms, colours and textures of Wendy’s art draw the viewer in and allows them to engage with it on a personal level. Abstract art is a powerful display in a room, as it can be seen both as a masterful artistic creation as well as a form of decoration. Her paintings will blend seamlessly with the décor of the room, making a statement without imposing or sticking out like a sore thumb. You can view her collections in prestigious galleries across the country or online, but for a truly unique and tasteful art piece, speak to her about a private commission.

If you need a stylish and modern way of livening up a room or creating a talking point, buy abstract art in London from Wendy Satchwell. It is easy to see why this brilliant artist is known as the colour alchemist, as she combines colours, textures and forms in new and fascinating ways. For artwork that offers eye-catching appeal, personality and depth to any space it occupies, Wendy is the artist to speak to. Contact Wendy Satchwell today to buy abstract art in London.