Commission Artist in Bath

Commission Artist in BathA commission artist in Bath can capture a feeling or image for you and create a unique piece of art. These artists are commission based, meaning that you pay for the unique art that you want instead of purchasing a general piece. There are many different commission artists out there working today that promise you that they will deliver. But, it is important to select an artist that is going to follow through on this deal. I am Wendy Satchwell and I can deliver on all of this and more. With experience, knowledge, and a passion for art, I am here to make your unique piece of fine art and give you exactly what you want.

If you have a home that you are looking to decorate, a business that you want to update, or a venue space in Bath, commission artist works can be a great way to stand out. I can provide you with a piece for any or all of those locations. As a contemporary artist, I am well versed in the colours and compositions that will work best in your environment or setting. Further, I am well versed in the use of shapes and can create a work that has a lot of depth. By choosing to commission me to do a piece of contemporary art for you, you can rest assured that you will not only get a highly unique piece but also a very high quality one as well. I specialize in abstract works that focus on bringing your mood and desired feeling to the artwork. Utilizing textures, layers and differing depths, you will not be disappointed in my work.

A commission artist in Bath should know and understand what you are looking for in your piece or pieces. This requires an artist to talk with you and listen to you and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. I, Wendy Satchwell, take the time to get to know those who are commissioning me for a piece. That is why I am so successful at what I do. If you want an abstract, contemporary artist to complete your work, contact me today! I will ensure that whatever space you want to display art in, it will be livened and brightened by the addition of my artwork.