The Best Abstract Art in Kensington

The Best Abstract Art in KensingtonSome people are content with prints of famous artists on their walls rather than the best abstract art in Kensington that is original. Few can afford the original abstract paintings of the masters that found freedom of art expression during the early to mid-1900’s. However, there is one abstract artist whose paintings capture the mysteries art enthusiasts love; that artist is Wendy Satchwell. She is a much sought after contemporary artist with a huge loyal following. By investing in the art you love created by one of today’s most gifted artist, you can surround yourself with the originals you love. You can also enjoy the benefits as your treasure appreciates in value. One extraordinary original that brings you joy will brighten your home every day.

Wendy Satchwell contemporary art uses bold colour, form and texture that captures the interest of many people for as many reasons. Once you view her work, the art becomes personal which is the hallmark of, in Kensington, the best abstract art. The piece that speaks to you is the one you want to take home. Many can paint an autumn scene but Wendy creates gorgeous abstracts of autumn using the colours and making them shimmer with the texture of silver and gold leaf. These pieces can be seen in her private collection at Castle Galleries. See her Colour My World collection for bold and pure colour. Her Delicious Collection epitomises contemporary abstract art. Add a selection from Delicious and light up your everyday world.

The best abstract art in Kensington is easily recognised as Wendy Satchwell. Her signature dots, deep colours and textured resin coating that creates a glass like appearance are unmistakable. Wendy studied art and received an honours degree in Fine Arts and Textile Design. The art she creates with that knowledge is all Wendy. Watch for upcoming exhibitions or view her work in art galleries across the country. Some paintings are available directly from the artist and you may also contact her personally for all commissioned work. Contact Wendy Satchwell to view her work and learn more about the artist herself. She accepts corporate and private commissions.