Abstract Painter in Bristol

Abstract Painter in BristolAs an abstract painter in Bristol, Wendy Satchwell sees so much in everyday life emotions and the mysteries of nature that inspire her to interpret those feelings on canvas. You will often see in her paintings the influences of her love for Claude Monet masterpieces. Sometimes she just uses  paint but other interpretations call for texture along with paint to grasp the diversity of the emotion. She has been praised repeatedly for her international impact on the modern art scene and her work is collected by many including celebrities. If you love modern art and have interest in the new artists taking over the art world, attend a gallery showing of Wendy Satchwell art. You will be amazed by the power of her paintings that instantly draw attention.

Powerful, bold and emotional are words used by those who have commissioned works of art by Wendy Satchwell for their private homes or place of business. In Bristol, abstract painter Wendy Satchwell accepts commissions only after visiting the home or place of business of the client. There is nothing quite so personal as having commissioned the artwork that surrounds you, knowing there is something of yourself tucked into it. Maybe you are one of those tiny points of light. Wendy’s work is abstract but not unplanned, although even she will admit the final product holds surprises for her. If your image of an artist at work is one standing at an easel, you don’t know Wendy. She works on the floor to achieve her desired results.

The joy an abstract painter in Bristol like Wendy Satchwell brings to those who view her work is a gift given. Her skill and feel for colour is magical on canvas. Contact Wendy Satchwell personally to commission a new piece for yourself or to purchase something from her collection. Many of her collections contain silver and gold leaf and have a textured finish. In her Colour My World collection, the colour is so vivid the painting seems to be in motion. Watch for upcoming exhibitions of new work from Wendy and stay updated by your favourite local art gallery. Whatever you do, don’t miss the extraordinary abstract art of Wendy Satchwell.