Abstract Painter in Manchester

Abstract Painter in ManchesterWhen you’re looking for statement art pieces for your interiors, get them from an amazingly talented abstract painter in Manchester. Wendy Satchwell is one of the rising stars on the contemporary art scene. Her stunning and eye-catching works are much sought after by celebrities and international art connoisseurs. They are fast becoming collectors’ items in the art world. Her use of colors and textures makes each work unique and spectacular. For art lovers around the world and those who appreciate local artists, owning a Wendy Satchwell piece of art can be a great investment too. Originally from Birmingham, Satchwell studied Art and Design at the Redditch College of Art and has also taken courses in Textile Design and Fine Art. She seeks inspirations from her surroundings and her own interior emotional landscape.

Designing the décor of your room is a very individualistic and personal project. In Manchester, abstract painter inspired interiors would reflect the home or office owner’s taste, preferences and point of view. Wall art sometimes gets neglected when planning an interior design project and for many people, it is simply something that is hung to break up empty spaces on a wall. However, well-chosen works of art can become the focal point in a room. They add an amazing colour palette base which can be taken up and repeated in soft furnishings, and furniture design. Two or three shades can be picked from a piece of art and repeated in décor and wall-paint. Art works also add textures and dimension to interior spaces. Tone, mood and depth can be added with just one single piece of stunning art.

Works from this talented abstract painter in Manchester can put that final finishing touch to your room. It prevents your spaces from looking dull, soul-less and without personality. Contact Wendy Satchwell if you are looking for an abstract painter. Choose a Satchwell piece of art that you would love to look at every day and find newer and newer things to like in it. You don’t have to worry about hanging a contemporary piece of art in a traditionally decorated room with antique furniture or artifacts. Contact the artist for private commissions.