Commission Art in Bristol

Commission Art in BristolBy going with commission art in Bristol, you can add a unique touch to your locale or home. Commission art has a long history, going all the way back to ancient Rome. Due to the Empire’s riches, the government would commission artists for architectural projects that would act as symbols of imperial glory. From the Coliseum to sculptures of mythical and heroic figures, commissioned art adorned the streets of Rome. The Renaissance is another period where governments and wealthy individuals would commission art and drape the cities of Italy in paintings, murals, and sculptures. The most famous example of commissioned art would be the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

For collectors in Bristol, commission art can be purchased from Wendy Satchwell. Wendy was born in Birmingham and studied at the Redditch College of Art, followed by Birmingham University. Her style is abstract, with a composition that uses shapes and colours that were meticulously planned out in advance. Her work also makes use of texture by layering water and oil based paints mixed with a variety of materials. Once the colours and shapes have been laid on the paper, a glass-like resin coating is added as a finishing touch, enhancing the colour and the texture of the work.

Wendy has sold her commission art in Bristol to a wide variety of clients, including manors, restaurants, and corporate customers. You can also purchase items from her collections which are on sale directly from the artist. With commissioned art however, you can choose a color scheme that will fit in perfectly with your home or locale. If you have a certain look in mind, you can discuss it with Wendy over the phone. You will receive honest feedback on the best way to go forward from a trained and experienced artist, and then the project begins. Contact Wendy Satchwell today with your idea, and you may find that you are inspired to go for top of the line esthetics in your home or locale. Wendy will help you bring a new layer of passion to your business or home.