Commission Artist in London

Commission Artist in LondonIn order to get a truly inspiring painting, you must work with a commission artist in London. Commissioned art allows you to be a part of the creative process and give input regarding the final product. Of course, different artists have different options for commission work. Some specialise in portraits, others specialise in bringing characters to life, while others bring ideas to life in an abstract manner. It all depends on the artist you’re working with, but the concept of customer input is always there.

If you are in London, commission artist Wendy Satchwell is the artist for you. The process starts with the details and guidelines of the work. For example, the budget, materials, sise and palette will be discussed. You may want a painting for your bedroom, where the colour palette is mostly cold with a lot of blue and white. In that case you will want the painting to be complementary to the room. You will also be able to discuss any additional details that you have in mind regarding the composition of the final piece.

Once the initial guidelines are set, the commission artist in London will begin working on the painting. A deadline will be set, and the payment method is agreed upon. Wendy Satchwell’s work is ideal for any contemporary setting such as a hotel or restaurant, or for a private home. The paintings are abstract with shapes and colours planned out in order to achieve a desired effect. Each painting also has a highly textured surface, which is achieved by laying water and oil based paint mixed with a variety of materials. The finishing touch on her work is a glass-like coat of resin, which brings the colour of the painting to life. If you’d like to commission a painting from Wendy Satchwell, get in touch today. You will be able to discuss the pricing and scope of the work right away, or set up an appointment to view some of her work.