Abstract Painter in Bristol

Abstract Painter in BristolIf you’d like to own amazing artwork take a look at the works of  Wendy Satchwell, abstract painter in Bristol. Prized by celebrities and art-lovers all over the world, this artist’s work has an international following and a global collector base. The skillful use of vibrant colours brings a unique depth and luminosity to her work. There is a compelling and poignant quality to each and every piece, which gives it a timeless appeal. Every work is carefully planned and thought out before putting brush to canvas. Colours and shapes are meticulously plotted although the finished work looks delightfully spontaneous. Highly textured surfaces are created through layering of oil, water-based paints, acrylics and mixed media.

For art enthusiasts in Bristol, abstract painter Wendy Satchwell creates one-of-a-kind artwork with her own unique touches. The final finishing application of a glass-like resin gives the works a brilliant enduring shine. This finish also ensures that  the colours and the purposely placed “imperfections” are enhanced. For Wendy, colours, composition and form represent emotions. They also signify events experienced in the past and present. Her personal experiences are translated into flowing forms. A strong and identifiable influences present in her work is that of the French Impressionist, Claude Monet and the brilliant colorist, Rothko. The pure colours catch and convey the presence of light. Her love and passion for colour, texture and movement create a dialogue with the viewer, conveying a spectrum of emotions.

Wendy has created timeless pieces of art for public, corporate and private spaces. Each piece is unique and a one-of-a-kind creation of this talented abstract painter in Bristol. She has been a professional artist for more than two decades and has evolved a style deeply rooted in emotion. Inspired also by the world around her, she takes cues from the flora and fauna in her cottage garden and from the amazing cloud formations she’s been watching since she was a child. She shares that her technique is something that she’s developed on her own, using all the materials that students were told NOT to use in art school! Contact the artist for more information.