Commission Art in London

Commission Art in LondonThe blank walls in your modern office complex is begging you to commission art in London. The large apartment and office complexes, corporate buildings, medical buildings and hospitals have walls of windows which is great but on the other side is miles of wall space that says nothing, expresses no emotion and frankly does nothing to enhance the well-being of the hundreds of people walking by each day. Older buildings renovated for commercial use rarely have the massive wall space of new modern structures and they likely benefit from heavy decorative baseboards and door and window frames and even crown ceiling moulding. The walls, painted in soft velvety modern colours are lovely, but dead.

It’s like waiting for someone to turn on the music or put bold coloured flowers on each table in a sea of white tablecloths. Remove the institutional blahs and contact contemporary artist Wendy Satchwell in London; commission art she creates that will breathe vibrant life into your comatose walls and those who spend their daytime hours between them. Wendy’s work is big, bold and powerful. She uses colour in a way no other artist can and texture that creates depth. Her paintings do not interpret themselves, which is one reason they are perfect for a public setting. The viewer may first feel a sense of fascinated wonder that triggers contemplation as they work out their own interpretation

When you commission art in London, the viewer may not see or feel the same emotion Wendy did when she created the piece because true contemporary abstract art speaks to each of us. It grabs attention and stirs emotion. Nobody walks by without saying “Wow!” and linger to take it all in. That is Wendy’s gift, and she shares it with art collectors around the world including high profile names. While her work is highly collectable, it brings joy and meaning to those fortunate enough to share their day under its watch. Contact Wendy Satchwell and schedule a consultation; let her view the space you want to fill. Commission your own art treasures for public or private use and make your world a better place.