Abstract Painter in London

Abstract Painter in LondonBeauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is especially true of an abstract painter in London. Some paintings just speak to you for no discernable reason. Others may not understand but the painting has deep meaning and significance for you. These wonderful paintings are created with highly textured surfaces by layering oil, water based paint and mixed media whilst including her signature small and large dots. These are said to be a representation of the artist and people close to her. The finishing touch sees a glass like resin coating applied to the piece. This enhances both the colour and the deliberate imperfections within the surfaces of the work.

A stunning painting will change the look and feel of your home and become the centre piece of a room. In London, abstract painter, Wendy Satchwell will have the perfect painting for any room in your home. The depth of colour, composition and form represent emotions. They are not only the artist’s emotions and feelings but also events that she has experienced both in the past and at present. She seeks inspiration from her surroundings and her own personal life experiences. The artist’s painting style and method are instantly recognisable. Her work is collected by high profile celebrities and she has an international following alongside a worldwide collector base. Her work has been described as emotional abstract work because the paintings reach out to individual viewers revealing different forms and shapes.

Wendy Satchwell, an abstract painter in London, was born in Birmingham and studied art and design at Redditch College of Art. Wendy then went on to attend Birmingham University to gain a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art and Textile Design. Contact Wendy Satchwell or attend one of her exhibitions to see the wide range of colours and designs she offers. Although abstract, the composition of the pieces are very considered with colours and shapes and are meticulously planned out long before she begins the painting. An abstract painting by Wendy Satchwell will be the focus point in any room.