Commission Artist in Bristol

Commission Artist in BristolWhether you want to gift them, or purchase for yourself, top-quality paintings from a commission artist in Bristol are a great idea. Wendy Satchwell paintings are a unique, timeless and gorgeous investment. The artist is an emerging, well-known figure on the contemporary art circuit in the country. Her works decorate the homes and offices of celebrities and they’re prized by collectors from all over the world. Her paintings are characterised by the superb use of colour, texture and the exploration of form and emotions. They are a valuable and unforgettable addition to your spaces and would be a priceless legacy to pass on to future generations.

Abstract art is a product of the early 20th century and breaks away from the traditions of representational art. Here the artist draws upon their own inner consciousness, emotions and perception. In Bristol, commission artist Wendy Satchwell’s works evoke a variety of impressions, moods and emotions in viewers. She works primarily in a brilliant color palette and the finished work contains hidden depths that slowly emerge as you view the painting. Wendy accepts both corporate and private commissions.

Wendy Satchwell, the talented commission artist in Bristol was born in Birmingham and studied art and design at the Redditch College of Art. Her works are deeply introspective and require extended contemplation along with meticulous planning before she actually begins painting. The work involves creating unique textures with layers of water colours, oil paints and mixed media. These are interspersed with her characteristic motifs of small and large dots that represent herself and people close to her. The work is completed with a layer of resin that provides a brilliant shine and glass-like effect. It highlights the colours and textures and the deliberate imperfections she creates in the work. Contact Wendy Satchwell for more information. Each work provides insights into Wendy’s surroundings, her personal journey in life and the ideas and concepts close to her heart. Wendy has held several solo exhibitions and group exhibitions with contemporary artists in prestigious galleries in Nottingham, Birmingham and London. These events have enhanced her reputation of being one of the recognisable names in the art world.