Abstract Painter in Chelsea

Abstract Painter in ChelseaAn abstract painter in Chelsea like Wendy Satchwell has marvellous solutions to the bland walls in your home. So often, leased homes and flats insist the walls must remain painted white. Your wedding picture is not enough to break up that kind monotony. But Wendy Satchwell abstracts are perfect. Swirling emotions of colour with added three-dimensional texture will make your walls more interesting than most. This is affordable art and a smart investment. Commission your abstract wall art by Wendy Satchwell to fit with your personal colour scheme. You can also choose a completed work of art available for sale that tugs at your own emotions when viewing. Either way, your once bland wall will be transformed into the perfect showcase for one of Wendy’s emotional explosions.

How does Wendy do it? The question is asked about Chelsea abstract painter Wendy Satchwell’s use of colour. Some have tried to explain it but actually no one can. There is a depth to her colour blending you don’t see in other artists. That is one of her gifts and it’s often what first catches the eye of collectors. Her work is sought after worldwide by celebrity collectors and private individuals who find their emotions engaged by one or another of her creations. Wendy has an eye for composition that satisfies the brains need for order even in the midst of high emotion. One of the best attributes of abstract art such as that created by Wendy Satchwell is how one sees it. Sometimes what you see is different the next time, depending on your mood.

Whatever else may be said about Wendy Satchwell, abstract painter in Chelsea, her works are a picture in motion. Wendy holds an honours degree in Fine Art & Textile Design from Birmingham University. The texture found in her work is created by layering oil and water based paint along with mixed media such as the textile designs. She finishes her art pieces with a glass like coating which enhances both texture and colour. Her inspiration is her own emotions and experiences many of which we all, as people, share. That’s why we’re drawn to her work because we recognise our own emotions and experiences in her work. Contact Wendy Satchwell to discuss a work of art for you alone. Or check her collection and find the one that speaks to you.