Commission Art in Knightsbridge

Commission Art in KnightsbridgeCommission art in Knightsbridge adds a timeless piece of art to your collection. Artist Wendy Satchwell creates unique, one-of-a-kind paintings that can adorn your walls, are a great investment and can be passed on from generation to generation. These paintings decorate the homes and offices of celebrities and are valued by collectors across the world. Some of her corporate and private commissioned works can be seen at Hampton Manor, Peels Restaurant, private homes in Warwickshire and Worcestershire, luxury apartments in London and villas in exotic locations like Portugal. She has been featured in leading magazines and in print media as an talented, upcoming artist. Her collections can be viewed at Castle Galleries, Washington Green, Trinity House gallery which showcases her Woodland collection. Her works are characterised by the use of unique colours and textures. Many of them incorporate real leaves, gold and silver foil to enhance their amazing beauty.

It is interesting to note that in Knightsbridge, commission art is undertaken by many artists, but not all of them are equally talented. Most of us are confused and don’t know how to go about it, when we want a commissioned piece of art. One of the first things to do is to find an artist whose works resonate with your own aesthetic sense. Sometimes, the works of well-known painters may not appeal to you, whereas the work of a lesser known artist strike a chord. Don’t simply go by trends or monetary value. You also need to understand the artist’s own style and artistic idiom. It’s a waste of time to commission an artist who works in the abstract style to do a realistic portrait for you. What you are trying to achieve is a particular result that arises from a certain artistic expression and creativity. Once you find a few artists whose works you like, follow their works in galleries, blogs or other sources till you get a good idea of what exactly you want.

Make sure you and the artist understand each other when you want commission art in Knightsbridge. You need to make the experience as enriching and rewarding for yourself as possible. Contact the artist directly for more information. A stunning work of art will add grace and style to any room.