Abstract Art in Birmingham

Abstract Art in BirminghamAmong the newest patrons of abstract art in Birmingham are tenants of new flats and modern houses. Without the thick deep woodwork, window and door frames and ornate ceiling moulding that used to be built into homes, we now have large white walls. Many landlords do not allow tenants to paint the walls any colours. Wall art is now a booming industry as we try to bring colour, interest and texture to those vast white spaces. Giant framed posters and metal art fill some of the gaps but why not invest in real art. Wendy Satchwell is a young contemporary abstract artist whose works are an excellent investment. Her work displayed on that white wall above your sofa or fireplace will have a stunning effect on the ambiance of the whole room. It will bring your living space to life.

Wendy paints her moods and feelings with abandon often including small objects or fabrics to give her work the texture needed for truth. For those collectors in Birmingham, abstract art by Wendy Satchwell is not just the beauty of blended colour seen with your eyes; it’s what you feel. You will feel with your emotions when you gaze at her work. You can only wonder if what you feel looking at the work is what she was feeling while creating the piece. Then again, each time you relax in your home and contemplate the work of art, some new awareness takes place. Consider your decorating scheme and the colours that comfort you when choosing abstract art. The dominant colours in the art should not overwhelm a bland room but instead be cushioned by supporting blends.

Check some galleries that show abstract art in Birmingham by Wendy Satchwell if you are unfamiliar with her work. Or, you may contact Wendy directly and commission a painting using the colours that bring you peace. When you commission the work you can choose the appropriate size. Artwork created by this exciting young artist is being collected by art lovers from all walks of life including celebrities. A piece commissioned and created for you is a treasure that will travel with you to all the future places you call home. You will feel at home as soon at your Wendy Satchwell is mounted on the wall.