Commission Artist in Birmingham

Commission Artist in BirminghamWendy Satchwell is a commission artist in Birmingham and may be the answer to some of your dreams. The interior environments we spend the most time in should include views, colours and shapes that comfort and inspire us. We can’t always control that environment but when we can, the colours, shapes and textures should feel familiar. Home and office are where we spend most of our time and they are the easiest to decorate to our liking. Commission a gorgeous piece of contemporary art by artist Wendy Satchwell. As an up and coming young artist, she has captured the hearts of modern abstract art lovers from all walks of life including celebrities.

Abstract art brings to mind free form and free flowing expression completely untethered. In Birmingham, commission artist Wendy Satchwell’s art exemplifies that. However, there is still a preliminary planning phase so the perfect composition is achieved. The texture which she creates blending paints a mixed media are layered for maximum drama. She finishes with a clear resin top coat which magnifies the colour, textures and even imperfections for a stunning finish. Wendy’s style is all her own and easily recognised. There is a mood to each piece. Some will hold you mesmerised. It’s from those you want to choose if you’re buying from stock. As her popularity grows among art lovers of all walks of life, including celebrities, commissioning a painting from Wendy is a smart investment.

The work of Wendy Satchwell, commission artist in Birmingham, can be viewed at Castle Fine Art Galleries, Trinity House and her own collection. Contact Wendy Satchwell and commission the perfect work for your environment. View her collection and see the creativity she brings to each piece. Some will be textured with silver and/or gold leaf and others with actual natural foliage. A predominant colour will draw you and from that your own personal abstract will come to life. It will bring a lifetime of joy as you travel through your life. Every place you live will feel like home as soon at your Wendy Satchwell commissioned work is displayed.