Abstract Painting in Edinburgh

Abstract Painting in EdinburghIndulge your artistic side with a gorgeous abstract painting in Edinburgh. Wendy Satchwell is a trained artist who draws inspiration from the timeless works of Impressionists like Claude Monet. Her colour palette also includes the hues of Mark Rothko and the textures and designs of Gustav Klimt. Her work features strong aspects of movement, textures, imagery and colour, making her paintings instantly recognisable. Each painting has its own distinctive personality and provides an endless source of beauty, hope and inspiration. She honed her natural talent at the Redditch College of Art and went on to take a Bachelor of Art degree in Fine Art and Textile Design at the University of Birmingham.

For admirers in Edinburgh, abstract paintings provide endless hours of viewing pleasure and intellectual stimulation. Here visual representation and accurate depiction of objects, people, and landscape are not used. Instead, colours, shapes, textures, symbols and forms convey the artist’s ideas and emotions. Forms are often simplified down to their basics, with the use of line or colour. This art form is identified with simplicity, purity and a strong spiritual dimension. Though the artist may draw inspiration from the visual world, it is then translated and transformed into a unique idea or expression. Abstract art is also appealing because it enables the viewer to interpret it in multiple ways. In fact, the viewer’s interpretation need not match what the artist had in mind either. Hence, it represents a two-way communication, conversation or dialogue between the artist and the viewer.

In practical terms, abstract paintings in Edinburgh provide amazing elegance, beauty and distinctiveness to your interior spaces. Both geometric and lyrical abstraction offer a take-off point to base your interior decoration theme. Many interior decorators and design professionals use a particular colour or theme taken from an abstract painting as their design inspiration. Furniture, carpets, soft furnishings, upholstery and/or artifacts can be chosen around it. Contact the artist for more information about her work. She creates one of a kind pieces in a variety of mediums including oils, acrylic, mixed media, water based paints. The final coating of glass-effect resin enhances the stunning quality of the painting and the colours.