Abstract Art in Brighton

Abstract Art in BrightonWendy Satchwell is a renowned creator of abstract art in Brighton. Her incredible artwork is distinguished and easily recognisable through her signature style. Her unique blend of bold, swirling colours and engaging textures create truly unique art pieces. She uses a technique that involves mixing oil paint with water-based paint, letting the repelling and attracting forces of the opposing media creates swirls of perpetual movement with a life of their own. Small white and black dots sit atop deep layers of texture created by the mixed media paint and resin lacquer, attracting the viewers gaze and pulling them deeper into the canvas. Wendy Satchwell’s paintings are described as landscapes of the mind and soul, using abstract form and colour to convey emotions and thoughts that cannot otherwise be expressed.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for somebody special? In Brighton, abstract art by Wendy Satchwell may be just what you’re looking for. Whether you want something that perfectly matches the taste of a close friend, or something that impresses and amazes for your boss or your mother-in-law, abstract is the ideal solution. No matter what the recipient’s personal tastes are like, they are sure to love a piece of abstract artwork. Abstract art can be interpreted differently by everyone, making it versatile and perfect as a gift. The unique ability of abstract art to reach so many viewers does not reduce its impact; in fact, it makes an artwork even more impactful. The forms, textures and colours of Wendy Satchwell’s artwork, in particular, draw the viewer in and creates a space in which to engage with the art on a uniquely personal level.

Abstract art in Brighton is also a tasteful choice in décor for any environment, from the boardroom to the bedroom. Wendy Satchwell’s abstract paintings blend seamlessly with the style of a room, making a sophisticated and stylish statement. Contact Wendy Satchwell for abstract art. She has a wide range of unique artworks available for sale, ranging from subtler colour hues to bold and bright statement pieces. You can view her collections in prestigious galleries across the country or online, but for a truly unique and tasteful art piece, speak to her about a private commission.