Abstract Painter in Cardiff

Abstract Painter in CardiffWendy Satchwell, abstract painter in Cardiff is the solution to your lacklustre decor. As a highly collectable artist, her work is an excellent investment. More importantly, her gift will bring beauty, colour and texture to your environment that will enhance your daily life. Her work is the piece you want to complete the room whether it’s your home, office or corporate entrance. People will know they’ve entered the premises where sophisticated good taste prevails with just the right amount of pizazz. There’s so much depth and emotion that goes into a Wendy Satchwell painting that it’s not surprising to discover her creations come to life on a floor canvas. Yet, the emotions are those all of us can relate to. Each piece is, of course, personal and you’ll find her signature large and small dots.

Lovers of contemporary abstract art will find their soul in Wendy’s work. In Cardiff, abstract painter Wendy Satchwell creates with oil and water based paints but works in mixed media such as fabric, gems or whatever strikes her fancy. She finishes with a resin coat that brings out the character of the piece. If you’re looking to commission a special piece, you’ll discover Wendy will capture the essence of just what you’re looking for in colour and composition. Of course, her existing work may be just perfect for you. View the pieces she displays at the studio gallery.  You will also see Wendy’s work at Castle Galleries, The Art Lounge, Halcyon Gallery and more. Wendy’s art can be seen gracing the walls of restaurants and other public buildings.

The art of this abstract painter in Cardiff is instantly recognisable. One of her own inspirations is Monet, another artist whose work is unmistakable. When the art and the artist are so obviously one, you know this artist will be remembered. Contact Wendy Satchwell to view her collection or discuss a private or corporate commission. If you are looking for a special occasion gift consider a work of contemporary abstract art by Wendy. Newlyweds would love a gift that is truly a gift and not a household need. Check their gift registry and you’ll have a clue to their colour preferences. Be the one that gives them an heirloom instead of an espresso maker.