Commission Art in Brighton

Commission Art in BrightonTalk about commission art in Brighton and immediately the name Wendy Satchwell comes to mind. Her brand of abstract work is among the best in contemporary and fine art. She is well-known nationally and internationally, and her masterpieces are much sought after by art connoisseurs and celebrities alike. Her creations are truly a treat for the eyes as well as make for a great soul experience. Her speciality, “emotional abstract work” evokes a sense of reaching out, it seems as if the painting speaks to you!

If you are in Brighton, commission art is available to art lovers who see art as an aesthetic experience as well as an investment. Her special collection of artworks can be viewed at well-known art galleries like Castle Galleries and Trinity House Gallery. As an accomplished artist she is able to adapt her work depending on where and how it is to be displayed. Private residences, restaurants, corporate offices, and celebrity homes, are all incomplete without a Wendy Satchwell. She is the popular choice when it comes to  making a statement. Her works are also displayed regularly at exhibitions and Art Fairs around the world.

For an art connoisseur, to commission art in Brighton is a possibility today. Not only do you become the proud owner of a well-known, collectable piece of art, but Wendy Satchwell’s creations provide timeless viewing pleasure. Her art livens up a dull interior in an instant. As an abstract painter, her work with oil and water-based paint have a unique touch. Her oeuvre includes different material like gemstones and fabrics. Her compositions are finished off with a coat of resin to enhance the overall look and feel. To buy one of her ready pieces one can look at the following options: they are available at the online shop in the Satchwell or Delicious Collections, or at reputed stockists around the country. She can also be contacted directly. Her art is versatile enough to appeal to the art enthusiast, investor or collector in you. Her creations make beautiful gifts for a  loved one or special occasions. Get a Wendy Satchwell today!