Abstract Art in Liverpool

Abstract Art in LiverpoolBy using abstract art in Liverpool, you’ll effortlessly bring new life to a room, whether in the home setting or the office setting. Also known as nonrepresentational art, this type of art does not have root influence on any pre-existing concept or object. Abstraction can be traced back to Impressionism, Post-impressionism and Cubism. These three concepts helped realise the idea that art could be non-representative. Modern abstract art dates back to the early 20th century and was considered completely radical for its day. Today, abstract art comes in many forms, with them being two and three-dimensional. This art can be created on a variety of surfaces and comes in a variety of sizes. Whether having one that pays homage to the old days or one that has its roots in modern times, you can have yourself an abstract art piece from Wendy Satchwell.

A rising star on the Contemporary Art Scene, Wendy Satchwell is on a mission to set herself apart from the rest. In Liverpool, abstract art from her collection can easily be spotted thanks to one noticeable factor: she uses colour and composition in a way that moves anyone who sets their eyes on it. This has made is such that her art is referred to as ‘emotional abstract art’. She is very deliberate in her work, with her conjuring the concept in mind first before even lifting a brush to the canvas. She creates highly textured surfaces by layering oil, water-based paint and mixed media while including her signature mall and large dots. The resulting piece is always a sight to behold.

Just as any art piece, Wendy’s abstract art in Liverpool takes inspiration from her surroundings and her own personal life experiences, making her artwork distinguishable and instantly recognisable. To enjoy any of her amazing pieces for your home or office, contact Wendy Satchwell today. You’re sure to relate to at least one piece that will have you in awe. Should you need something a bit more personal, she offers corporate and private commissions. Her work is on display in various places such as Villa in Portugal and Peels Restaurant.