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Abstract Painter in Bristol

If you’d like to own amazing artwork take a look at the works of  Wendy Satchwell, abstract painter in Bristol.

Abstract Painter in Manchester

When you’re looking for statement art pieces for your interiors, get them from an amazingly talented abstract painter in Manchester.

Abstract Painter in Bristol

As an abstract painter in Bristol, Wendy Satchwell sees so much in everyday life emotions and the mysteries of nature that inspire her to interpret those feelings on canvas.

The Best Abstract Art in Kensington

Some people are content with prints of famous artists on their walls rather than the best abstract art in Kensington that is original.

Abstract Painter in London

An abstract painter in London offers beautiful original art to grace your home or office.

Abstract Painter in Leeds

If your bare wall is searching for an abstract painter in Leeds, consider the work of Wendy Satchwell.

The Best Abstract Art in Manchester

Do you want the best abstract art in Manchester to be displayed on your walls?

Buy Abstract Art in Manchester

If you want to buy abstract art in Manchester, take a look at Wendy Satchwell’s incredible collection.